Is it OK to wear pearls everyday

Wondering how to wear pearls? I am here to help.
Do pearls go with that? The answer is usually yes.
Want to look pulled together? Put on a pearl necklace.

That’s it! Pearls are a light way to make almost any outfit elegant. If the necklace is too much, put on some pearl studs.

Every girl needs a classic pearl necklace and earrings. My dad brought back these Madame Butterfly pearls from a business trip to Hong Kong. He gave my sister and I matching pearl necklaces and Benelli M2s (not pictured) for my thirtieth birthday. To me, that’s such a funny, classic Texan birthday! Pearls and a shotgun. Oh, dad.

“After all,” Anne had said to Marilla once, “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

How to Wear Classic Pearls

I like to pair this classic pearl necklace with pretty much any elevated look, especially if I’m going to see my dad. For sentimental reasons, he loves it when my sister and I wear the pearls that he bought us. Also, his mother used to wear pearls.

But right now at this moment, my favorite way to wear a classic pearl necklace is with everyday casual styles. I love the way heavier and higher quality jewelry looks with frayed or distressed blue jeans and striped shirts in a modern cut. Lace-up black peep toe shoes can help complete the relaxed elegant look of the distressed blue jeans from the bottom up. Maybe this style is part of my foray into nineties grunge revival looks. There’s something so effortlessly elegant that a classic pearl necklace adds to a casual basic outfit.

How to Wear Long Pearls

A really long pearl strand is fun because it is so versatile. You can loop it around your neck twice and wear one loop as a choker and one much longer. Or you can tie a little loose knot at the bottom of it and wear it as a tassel, flapper-style. A long strand without the ends attached can even be fastened into a y-necklace shape. For an everyday look, a longer pearl necklace like this looks great with a looser cut trapeze swing dress, either in a solid color for a slightly elevated look or in a boho print for everyday. If I could pick one dress style and wear it every day for the rest of eternity, it would be a bohemian style dress. They are always so effortlessly feminine and comfortable. Gladiator sandals look great with these trapeze cut dress styles.

How to Wear Coin Pearls

Knowing how to wear coin pearls well can actually be a bit of a challenge. In jewelry, a single coin pearl is often the focal point of a necklace or earring. Right now, I love long coin pearl necklaces with the coins spaced out along the strand. A coin pearl necklace can read as a little more tropical or relaxed because of it’s organic circular shape. For this reason, I would either pair it with an outfit that has a beachy vibe or go completely in the other direction and wear it with a very structured business outfit. I love unexpected contrast (is it unexpected though, when this is a habit?), so I pair a long coin necklace with menswear-inspired tailoring on a woman.

How to Choose Pearls

There are two main types of pearls – freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are harvested in a lake or river inland, primarily in China. Saltwater pearls are harvested in bays and inlets by the ocean. Akoya pearls grown off the coast of Japan are the type of pearl that most people think of as the classic lustrous pearl necklace. Freshwater pearls are much more affordable than saltwater pearls, come in unique shapes, and are frequently acquired by the fast-fashion forward. Coin pearls are made when a disc shape shell is put in an oyster or mussel by the pearl farmer. Other popular pearls include Tahitian pearls, the dark exotic black pearl that I love to wear through fall and winter, and large white or gold South Sea pearls that really make a statement.

When selecting pearls, pick an intention. If you want something really high quality that you will wear for years, you may want to buy a more classic style. If you want something super trendy, you may want to buy something with mixed pearl sizes, tassels, or long strands that can be worn in different ways.

How to Care for Pearls

Pearls are resilient and meant to be worn, but they should also be cared for properly. For starters, they should be the last thing you put on to top off any outfit. If you put them on too soon, these gemstones can be damaged and lose luster by coming in contact with makeup and hairspray. To avoid scratches, store each pearl jewelry item securely in a separate jewelry box. It’s a good idea to have pearls restrung regularly. Remember that if you grow tired of your pearls (which never happens), you can always restrand them into a different shape!


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